What is the PRX-T33 treatment?

The revolutionary treatment uses the properties of trichloracetic acid in high concentration (TCA 33%) without the adverse reactions associated with it, such as redness of the skin, itching sensation or reactive hyperpigmentation.

Hydrogen peroxide allows TCA penetration into the deep layers of the dermis for the synthesis of epithelial, vascular and fibroblastic growth factors (collagen and elastin synthesis).

The combination of TCA and H2O2 in low concentration transforms this product from an aggressive chemical peeling into a non-invasive treatment that effectively stimulates and regenerates the skin. The effect is to increase skin firmness, reduce wrinkles, pores and face lift. Kojic acid has a depigmenting, illuminating effect and successfully works on skin hyperpigmentations such as melasma.

PRX-T33 usage

The PRX-T33 treatment can be used for:

  • Photo-aging: revitalizing the skin on the face, neck, neck line and body
  • Biorevitalization: deep atrophic scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Enhancement of other aesthetic procedures
How does the treatment work?

The procedure can take 45-60 minutes.

There is no recovery time. The patient may return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

PRX-T33 is easy to use and apply, it is not painful and the effects are immediate. In addition to individual use, the PRX-T33 can be used in combination with other aesthetic procedures, without conflict, and the results are amazing.

Needle-free, face and neck biorevitalization is the first step to a younger, healthier complexion. The wrinkles will be diminished or completely disappear and the skin will be firmer.

When do results become visible?

The results of this treatment begin to be observed from the first sitting, with increased skin firmness.

To get the best results, we recommend 4-6 sessions, 1 session per week.

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