Primelase HR permanent hair removal

Primelase HR permanent hair removal

Enjoy a smooth skin every day and every season. Primelase HR treatment is recommended for both women and men and provides an effective, definitive and painless hair removal. 

Primelase HR permanent hair removal

Primelase is a multifunctional laser device with wide application in the approach of the final epilation treatments. The Primelase appliance offers very good results from the first hair removal session and removes unwanted hair from all skin types. The key difference between Primelase and other laser hair removal devices on the market is the high energy with short pulse technology, which allows for unprecedented control over the treatment and thus achieving the desired results in a shorter time.

Primelase HR is a laser diode with the highest power on the market (3600 W). The strength of this definitive hair removal equipment is that it uses very short pulses with high energy doses, ideal for the residual hair from the last treatment sessions. It has 4 working modes that reach a maximum power of 63J / cm² in 400 milliseconds. Speed is one of the most important features of this definitive hair removal equipment, being able to work with high energy up to 3 HZ and with short pulses.

Dynamic or painless mode is another feature of the Primelase HR laser. This system allows us to work without any discomfort, making permanent epilation easy to support for all patients from the first session, including men with thick hair.

Primelase HR laser hair removal device meets ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards, specific quality standards for medical equipment.

The permanent hair removal treatments with Primelase allow repetition frequencies up to 3Hz, together with different spot sizes (9 × 9.20 × 9 and 30 × 9) that make Primelase one of the fastest and most efficient equipment on the market for permanent laser hair removal. Due to the different dimensions of the spot of the applicator, Primelase HR can be used to treat any area of the body. Moreover, Primelase HR uses the “crystal freeze” system, created exclusively by Cocoon Medical, which constantly and automatically adjusts the temperature, making the permanent laser hair removal much safer.

The permanent hair removal treatment with Primelase HR can be done at any time of the year 365/365 days, targeting every skin phototype. Preferably, however, during the cold season, in order to prepare the body for summer.


The permanent  hair removal with Primelase laser does not present major contraindications, being considered by specialists a safe method of epilation. However, there are situations where, for medical or safety reasons, laser hair removal is not recommended.

 These situations relate to:

  • The period of pregnancy and lactation
  • The existence of skin or mucous infections, lesions, tattoos
  • The presence of an oncological disease
What should be done before treatment?

First of all, any traditional waxing or electric hair removal method should be avoided at least 4 weeks before the laser session, only razor blade or depilatory cream should be used. Sun/solarium exposure should be avoided 3 to 5 days before the permanent hair removal session. Also, avoid aggressive products, such as exfoliation ones. It is recommended that the treatment be applied to clean skin, without creams, deodorants or other cosmetics.

What happens after treatment?

After the first session, the hair will grow as usual, but after 10-14 days, the roots affected by the laser will regress and the hair will fall. After laser treatment, a slight sensation of local heat or itching may develop, which can be relieved by ice compresses. The skin will react after treatment and a transient redness or small papules will appear, but will go away after 24-48 hours or may be prolonged in areas with more frequent hair or in the case of reactive skin.

In case of erythema, cold compresses will be applied or thermal water may be sprayed repeatedly every hour on treated areas. After epilation of the face, the dermatologist recommends the use of a protection factor cream. Hot showers on the treated area or saunas are forbidden on the day. Exposure to the sun and use of the solarium at least 3-5 days after treatment is prohibited. After several sessions of permanent hair removal, you will notice a slower hair growth rate, which will become thinner.

What should be done between the permanent hair removal sessions?

In the interval between sessions, patients should avoid any traditional waxing or electric hair removal method and use only razor blade or depilatory cream. (as many times as one deems necessary).

Before the actual procedure, we will evaluate the skin and the treated area(s), in order to recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Clinical studies performed internationally, as well as the experience of working with patients, demonstrate that a protocol of 6 sessions is required for maximum efficiency, and in some cases a maximum of 2 additional sessions. The frequency of treatment is imposed by the treated area, the minimum frequency being 6 weeks (for the face, armpit, inguinal), and the maximum one reaching up to 12 weeks (for the legs).

Depending on the number and area of the treated areas, a session may take between 5 minutes (armpit area), up to 60 to 90 minutes (full body).

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?
  • Recommended and used by dermatologists worldwide
  • Suitable for all skin phototypes
  • Hair follicles are destroyed with fewer sessions than other photoepilation methods
  • Any part of the body can be safely and effectively treated, no matter how delicate (face, armpit or inguinal area).
  • It effectively treats folliculitis and prevents the growth of hair under the skin.

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