Epidermoid cyst excision lesion

The appearance of the sebaceous cyst is variable. From small subepidermal tumors with the skin covering of normal appearance and soft consistency, to large tumors, some with erythematous appearance and tense, due to overinfection.

Sebaceous cysts may remain stationary for relatively long periods of time (years), may be evacuated periodically or may present overinfection.

The treatment is exclusively surgical and targets the excision of the entire gland with all its contents. Repeated anterior overinfection can lead to scar tissue formation and adhesion of the cyst to the adjacent tissue, which can lead to rupture of the cyst at the time of operation and incomplete or defective excision. If the excision is complete, there are no recurrences. If the patient is predisposed to the formation of sebaceous cysts, then new lesions may develop in other areas.

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