Injury dermatoscopy

Dermatoscopy is a modern, fast and non-invasive method of skin examination, used to make an accurate dermatological diagnosis.

Initially used especially for the in-vivo diagnosis of skin pigmentation lesions (spinal and spinal cell carcinoma, melanoma or other precancerous lesions – nevocellular nevi and actinic keratoses), dermatoscopy is currently also useful in the diagnosis of other dermatological disorders.

The dermatologist uses a tool called a dermatoscope, which enlarges the image of the lesion, allowing the visualization of both superficial and deep structures.

In the case of a mole, dermatoscopy helps to thoroughly examine each portion of the mole, allowing accurate visualization of its features, which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Even the smallest changes that could indicate a pre-cancerous or cancerous lesion can be detected with the help of dermatoscopy.

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