Jet Peel treatments

What are JetPeel treatments?

JetPeel is recommended by its unique approach, being the only care procedure that cleans, exfoliates, extracts, moisturizes the skin and deeply infuses active solutions. Everything in an efficient and quick way. The efficiency is due to the synergistic effect of the system and gives you guaranteed long-term results.

Technology used

JetPeel is an advanced cosmetic treatment device that allows therapists to administer non-invasive and relaxing skin care procedures, with great results, from lymphatic drainage through exfoliation, to sub-dermal needle-free therapy.

JetPeel is suitable for all skin types and can be used in all seasons, with a diverse range of aesthetic specialties.

With the help of microscopic nozzles inside the applicator, it designs fine micro droplets from an air-solution mixture and exfoliates the dead keratin cells and thin the basement membrane (through the hydro-peeling process). At the same time, the skin is massaged and cleansed, and the cooling effect stimulates circulation. Following the cleaning process, highly efficient JetPeel Solution solutions are deeply embedded in the dermis.

JetPeel Solution professional solutions have revolutionized the aesthetic-medical industry due to their unique compositions and efficient delivery, without pain or discomfort. Once introduced into the dermis, these substances work from the inside to the outside and treat the targeted problems.

The treatment is non-contact and does not require needles for deep dermal delivery of the skin’s active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides and antioxidants).

Treatment stages

The treatment is carried out in three stages, as follows:

Stage I involves the superficial cleaning, the opening of the pores and the oxygenation of the skin with the help of a strong jet of oxygen projected on the treated area.

Stage II involves a much deeper cleaning of the skin and pores, by projecting at high speed a very fine jet of medical physiological serum from a distance of 30-50 mm from the skin. At this stage the activity of the blood system at the skin level is intensely stimulated.

Stage III provides vitaminization and nourishment of the skin by spraying vitamins, as well as other biologically active substances directly in the epidermis (hyaluronic acid, A, C, E, B5 vitamins, glycolic acid, etc.), helping the skin to become brighter, healthier and more luminous.

Treatment duration

The treatment is painless and lasts 45-60 minutes per session. The treatment protocol is established according to the needs of each patient.

Usually, some sessions are needed initially every  7-10 days, after which, in order to maintain a shiny and deep skin, one treatment session per month is recommended.

Treatment benefits

Among the special beneficial effects of this treatment we can list: skin refreshes, skin rejuvenation and increased skin elasticity, reduction of fine wrinkles and improvement of the appearance of deep wrinkles, improvement of the skin with acne problems, improvement of the appearance of the enlarged pores, the removal of the black and white comedones, pigmented spot therapy, skin regeneration after acne and scars.

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