Ellman radiofrequency cauter

How Ellman radiofrequency cauter works

The high frequency used in Ellman Radiosurgery has less resistance from the tissue and produces lower penetration than the low frequency used by electrosurgery.

This means that less tissue heat is generated, which makes it perfect for dealing with skin injuries. The low frequency used in electrosurgery meets a higher resistance from the tissue and causes greater penetration in the tissue. It generates more heat, resulting in more cell damage/necrosis throughout the incision.

Ellman cauter can be used for the following skin lesions:

  1. “Cherry” angioma is a benign skin formation consisting of a proliferation of blood vessels. Most often, this type of angioma is of interest to people over 50, also called senile angiomas. In the physical examination of the patient, red, round-ovary, well-defined, small papules are most common on the anterior and posterior thorax. In most cases, injuries are asymptomatic and risk-free and represent a purely esthetic inconvenience.
  2. Skin Nevi are benign skin tumors in the form of a “dome”, where the proliferation of melanocytes is of strict concern to the skin. This type of nevus bears the color of the surrounding skin, and over time it can grow in size and develop hairs on the surface. The most frequent location is at face level.
  3. Condyloma Acuminatum are caused by sexually transmissible infection with human papilomavirus (HPV). Lesions may be present such as small papules, pink or brown, with smooth surface or larger, cauliflower-shaped formations. They are located in the genital region and can cause local discomfort and pruritus.
  4. Seborrheic keratosis is a benign skin tumor formation that mainly affects people over 50 years of age. The local clinical examination shows a well-defined papula with brown pigmentation. When tracing, the surface is often waxy or rough. Lesions can be located anywhere in the body, with higher prevalence in the face, neck, anterior and posterior chest areas.
  5. Lactating keratosis is a skin lesion preceding the squamous cell carcinoma. It appears on the skin that is chronically exposed to ultraviolet, more frequently on the face or scalp. The lesion has a hyperkeratotic plaque appearance, rough to palpation, and is sometimes easier to sense than to observe.
  6. Molluscum pendulum is a benign tumor formation called soft fibroma. It has the appearance of a soft, skin-colored formation, connected by a pedicle to the underlying skin.
  7. Pyogenic granuloma, also called botryomycoma, is a benign tumor formation of skin and mucous membranes, a round-shaped reddish lesion surrounded by an area of epidermal hyperproliferation. The origin of the formation is vascular, consisting of a proliferation of vascular capillaries, so the risk of bleeding is high. The trigger factor for the development of the pyogenic granuloma is usually a local trauma of the skin or mucous membranes. The formation is not contagious and has no risk of malignant transformation.
  8. Viral Papilomas are benign skin tumors caused by human papilomavirus (HPV) infection. Clinical appearance is that of sessile or pedunculated skin tags, generally small in size, of soft consistency. Their color varies from that of the surrounding skin to different shades of brown. The most frequently affected areas are skin folds, such as the cervical region, the axilla or the inframammary fold.
  9. Verruca Vulgaris are skin lesions caused by human papilomavirus (HPV) infection, often located in hands and feet. They have a rough texture, sometimes resembling to a cauliflower. The palm or sole verucas are extremely painful, as they are located in pressure zones.


Clinical Benefits for 4.0 MHz Radio Waves  Technology :

  • Fast recovery – tissue damage is small, healing is quick, and the patient will recover faster
  • Reduced Postoperative Pain – Radiosurgery produces fewer traumas
  • Fewer postoperative traces – low temperature means reduced thermal damage to the tissue
  • Fewer tissue burns – Radiosurgery minimizes tissue burn as opposed to laser or electrosurgery

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