Breast reduction

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction is the surgical procedure by which part of the excess breast tissue is removed. A breast lift is also performed during this procedure.

Who is recommended for breast reduction?

This type of surgery is aimed at women with very bulky and fallen breasts.

Their presence is usually associated with a number of medical problems, from back and cervical pain, skin irritation to skeletal problems and respiratory problems. Large and disproportionate breasts create problems with self-confidence and make it difficult to take part in various sporting activities or to find suitable clothes.

Ideal candidates for breast reduction

This type of intervention is usually practiced to remove physical discomfort first and then to improve aesthetic appearance. Ideal female candidates are women who are bothered by extremely bulky breasts, which prevent certain activities and cause physical discomfort. They must be sufficiently mature to have a full understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations of the outcome.

How does the operation work?

This surgical procedure involves removal of glandular tissue, fat tissue or excess cutaneous tissue from the breast, obtaining smaller, lighter and tighter breasts. It can also reduce the size of the breast areola. The ultimate goal is to get smaller breasts with a beautiful, natural shape, proportionate to the rest of the body.

Breast reduction surgical techniques

There are several techniques for breast reduction.

The most common procedure is the “anchor type” breast reduction, in which the incision is performed around the areola, vertically and in the infra-mammary fold. During this procedure, the glandular tissue, fat and excess skin are excised. The nipple-areolar complex moves to the new position, determined by very accurate measurements. Sometimes lipoaspiration can be associated in the front of the axillary region. In most cases the nipple-areolar complex remains attached by a pedicle to the appropriate vessels and nerves.

However, there is a situation where the breasts are very large and fallen, therefore the nipple-areolar complex is completely detached and then grafted to an upper position, with the disadvantage of losing sensitivity at this level. Suture threads are usually located around the areola, then in a vertical downward direction and in the infra-mammary fold.

Occasionally, when just excess fat tissue has to be removed, only liposuction is performed to reduce breast volume with minimal scars.

Surgery duration

This type of intervention takes place in the hospital and the duration of hospitalization is reduced (one night, in most cases). The surgical time is on average 3-4 hours.

Breast reduction takes place under general anesthesia.


It is recommended to wear an elastic bustier for 4-6 weeks during the recovery period.

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