Lipolysis (PB Serum)

What is lipolysis

The PB Serum Medical product line is an aesthetic-medical innovation. It has a unique composition of enzymes intended to rejuvenate the skin, reduce fat tissue and remodel the body through injection. The products guarantee excellent results without adverse reactions and recovery time. They belong to the Proteos Biotech laboratories in Spain with ISO 13485 certification.

What does the lipolysis with PB serum enzymes treat?

It is clinically proven that PB Serum enzymes guarantee extremely good results with reduced discomfort and minimum adverse reactions against:

  • double chin
  • abdomen and knees laxity
  • fat tissue located on the arms, abdomen, lumbar area and thighs
  • buttocks and thighs cellulitis
How do PB Serum products work?

Enzymes are proteins that exist in our body, with an essential role in the proper functioning of metabolic processes. They are responsible for the formation and decomposition of substances. Recombinant enzymes are highly selective and each reacts with a specific substance.
Proteos Biotech enzymes are: Lipase, Collagenase and Lyase. They act synergistically against the fibrosis process.

The advantages of the PB Serum lipolysis

The advantage of recombinant enzymes relies on the use of biotechnology and micro-organisms. The unique production system of Proteos Biotech makes it possible to obtain purer enzymes, with a simpler structure. This makes products more efficient, with a low risk of allergen.

What will patients experience?
  • short recovery time
  • minimally invasive treatment
  • reduction of fluid retention in fibrosis processes
  • removal of the accumulation of fat associated with fibrosis.

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