Lifting with PDO


What is lifting with PDO threads?

PDO threads lifting is a non-surgical treatment method by which the facial expression is reshaped, the firmness of the skin tissue is increased, and also the targeted areas are rejuvenated.

Thechnology used

PDO threads are made of polydioxanone, which is bioresorbable. This material is safe, does not cause allergic reactions and has no side effects.

What areas can be rejuvenated by PDO threads?

Eyebrows – arching and lifting;
Periocular area – reduction of wrinkles around the eyes;
Throat – reduction of the “goiter”;
Nose – reshaping by narrowing and lifting;
Double chin – narrowing;
 Mandibular region – contouring.

How does it work?

In short, the procedure involves inserting very fine needles filled with mini polydioxanone (PDO) threads that remain in the skin when the needles are removed. The size of the needles varies, so the intervention can be adapted to different areas and to the characteristics of each patient, ensuring the minilifting effect. The number of threads depends on the needs and expectations of each patient.

The procedure is not painful, it is performed under local anesthesia with anesthetic cream.

Side effects

It is an invasive procedure, even if to a small degree, therefore it is not possible to exclude bruises and swellings that are directly proportional to the quantity and size of the threads introduced and, of course, to the reactivity of each individual person. 

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