What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy was born in 1952, following clinical research by French doctor Michael Pistor. Initially, the procedure was used to ease pain, but today, in esthetics, there are several indications for the successful use of mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy, commonly known as “biorejuvenation” or “biorevitalization”, is a treatment involving micro-injections with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, DMAE, free anti-oxidants, at mesodermic level, which can be applied to the face, neck, chest, dorsal hands or body.

The benefits of mesotherapy
  • Biorevitalization of the skin
  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity
  • Wrinkles fading
  • Improves skin tone and brightness
  • The attenuation of dark circles
  • Celulitis reduction
  • Sustains the body remodeling process
  • Improvement of stretch marks
  • Improvement of pigmented skin
  • Improvement of post-acne scars
  • The treatment of alopecia
Facial mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is known worldwide as one of the most effective treatments for skin rehydration and revitalization. With age, but also because of external factors (long exposure to sunlight, smoking, etc.), collagen and elastine production decreases significantly, which is why the skin loses its brightness, elasticity and firmness.

Due to the variety of mesotherapy substances: Mesohyal (Mesoestetic), Redensity I (Teoxane), Juvederm Volite and the U225® mesoinjector, the cocktail of substances, the depth and intensity of microinjections can be adapted to the needs of the skin, the skin type and the age of each patient so that the desired results can be obtained from the treatment.

Body mesotherapy

At the body level, mesotherapy works successfully against cellulite cells, fat deposits, wrinkled skin and stretch marks.

Body remodeling with mesotherapy involves the injection of cocktails consisting of active substances whose role is to melt subcutaneous fat. Treatment can be performed on any part of the body: abdomen, flanks, double chin, thighs, feet, knee, calf, or ankle.

Scalp mesotherapy

Scalp mesotherapy involves the intradermal injection of a cocktail of nutritious substances such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, with a strong cellular regenerating effect, stimulation of hair follicles and curing hair loss.

When is the scalp mesotherapy treatment recommended?

The procedure is indicated to patients who show:

  • androgenic alopecia (also called pattern alopecia, affecting parietal and temporal areas, very common among men over 50)
  • mechanical alopecia (as a result of frequent hair traction due to tight hairdos)
  • alopecia areata (hair falls due to auto-immune disease)
  • telogen effluvium (diffuse hair loss as a result of stressful factors such as infections, psycho-emotional stress, sleep deprivation, nutrient and vitamin shortages, etc.)

Scalp mesotherapy can also be used as an adjuvant therapy for hair transplant. Due to the fact that nutrients are delivered to the dermis, the effectiveness of this procedure is superior to local or systemic hair loss treatments.

How is mesotherapy done and what is the number of sessions recommended for visible results?

At the Uptown Esthetics clinic, mesotherapy is performed using the U225® mesoinjector, which allows a uniform distribution of injected substances to a depth adapted to the needs of each patient and treated areas.

For best results, between 3 and 4 meetings are required every month. The procedure is painless and after treatment it is possible to return immediately to daily activities.

At the level of the treated area, erythema points (red dots) may appear after the procedure and disappear within 24-72 hours.

Mesotherapy contraindications
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • skin eruptions, herpes, active acne
  • autoimmune diseases
  • known allergies to the injected substances
  • blood clotting disorders

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