Lifting with APTOS

Lifting with APTOS

APTOS threads are unique methods of contouring, revitalizing, correcting asymmetries or deformations, creating volume and reinforcing the structures of the face and body.

The brand proposes:

  • resorbable threads, which have an effect for about a year
  • non-resorbable threads, whose effect remains for a period of three to five years.
How does lifting with APTOS work?

APTOS innovation focuses on the properties of the lifting thread, which catches and secures the tissue. At the same time, it can shape it for a complex and natural outcome. That is why it is the special design of these threads that can deliver the desired effect.

How long for the results to become visible?

APTOS threads are based on minimal invasive technology, with immediate effect. The procedure only takes a short recovery period.

Each of the APTOS threads has special features and is tailored to your needs.

Which areas can be corrected?

The various APTOS methods have been designed to correct the following:

  • in the facial area: eyebrows, cheeks, mental region, nasolabial folds, wrinkles in the glabellar area, forehead wrinkles, upper and lower eyelid
  • other areas: ear wrinkles, neck, chest, hands. 

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