Cheek and Chin Augmentation

The technical terms for the procedure commonly known as cheek augmentation are malar augmentation or submalar augmentation. Both of these procedures enhance the cheek and cheekbone area of the face to give your face more definition. Prominent cheekbones can make your face look slimmer and enhance your positive facial features.

Today, there are many options for augmenting the cheeks, including implants made of a surgical-grade synthetic material, injectable fillers (Voluma) and autologous methods. Implants are available in different sizes to improve bone structure, correct specific problems and/or augment the soft tissue of the mid-face. The texture, fat quality and thickness of your skin, along with the contours of your jaw, chin, nose and underlying bone structure are all thoroughly analyzed by Dr. Ioana Dragoicea prior to a cheek augmentation.

The result is long lasting approximately 18 months (when using Juvederm volume).

An additional beneficial effect of this treatment is to improve the appearance of dark circles and the naso-genian area.

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