Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Augmentation)

The brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a type of butt augmentation procedure which results in youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile.

The surgical procedure uses your own fat, so it is the most natural way to augment your buttocks. Over the last few years, the buttocks have received more press coverage than ever before. People of all ages and body types are having the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

My technique involves fat extraction with liposuction, processing of the fat, and micro reinjection of fat droplets. Fat extraction is performed by liposuction. Fat processing involves decanting and centrifugation. The final step is the process of fat injection back into the buttocks. The process of fat reinjection involves hundreds of injections. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks so that the butt appears lifted and perky. The resulting effect is that your profile appears more attractive and sensuous.


Immediately after – uses a special compression garment around the buttocks; swelling and discomfort in the treated areas will be seen early days; Patients should avoid direct pressure on the buttocks, it is recommended to sleep on the lateral decubitus position (on one side) and prone (belly).

1 week – patients can return to work and light activities; sitting, will however be avoided as much as possible; a soft cushion (preferably with a hole in the middle) will be used when sitting, it can not be avoided; swellings and bruises from the donor area begin to hand over

4 weeks – most edema and bruises are delivered and the body begins to resorb some of the fat cells injected; patients should avoid prolonged state without seat cushion; normal physical activities are allowed

3 months most part of existing fat cells permanently remain on the buttocks and the final output has appear.

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