Represents surgical procedure that significantly improves the contour of the abdomen and waist by removing excess skin and fat tissue but also by reinforcing the abdominal muscle wall. When diet and exercise fail to result in the desired appearance, this procedure gives the appearance of a flat stomach and more attractive leading to increased self-confidence (whether it be a patient man, be a woman behind pregnancy failed to return to previous appearance).

Before this procedure it is recommended to perform an ultrasound abdominal wall hernias that highlights possible or diastasis of rectus abdominis. All these anomalies have therapeutic sanction, there are cases when it is necessary to collaborate with a general surgeon during the same surgery.

Postoperative recovery – it is required a recovery period post abdominoplasty to ensure that healing goes well and safely.

The first week – patients can return to work and can perform tasks easier. Be avoided exercise and lifting weights. The bruises and swellings begin to hand over easily.

2 weeks postoperatively – continuous remission bruises and edema; still be avoided exercise and lifting weights.

4-6 weeks – starts to highlight results of the surgery; patients can return to normal activities

6 months – complete remission of any bruising or swelling; the end result is obvious.

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